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    Why can't I use "SlingPlayer for Tablet" on my HTC EVO 4G LTE?




      Slingbox PRO-HD user here.


      I purchased the "SlingPlayer for Phone" Android app a while back to use on my HTC EVO 4G phone, which has a screen resolution of 800x480.  The video looks and plays fine on Android phones with that kind of screen resolution.


      I later bought an Android tablet, the ASUS Transformer, and installed the "SlingPlayer for Phone" app in the tablet.  The video quality wasn't as great on the tablet because the tablet's resolution is 1280x800.  I later find out that the Google Play Store also as another version of the SlingPlayer app called "SlingPlayer for Tablet".  So I purchased it to see how much of a difference it is and it was like day and night.  The tablet version was playing the video at really high quality.


      So it looks like the "SlingPlayer for Phone" spits out 480p video quality, and the "SlingPlayer for Tablet" spits out 720p video quality.


      Anyways, I just upgraded my phone to the HTC EVO 4G LTE which has a screen resolution of 1280x720.  When I installed the "SlingPlayer for Phone" version onto it, the video looks very low quality, which I expected because it's playing SD video quality onto a 720p HD screen.  So then I tried to look for the "SlingPlayer for Tablet" in the Google Play Store to install on my phone, but it's no where to be found.  I assume the Play Store app detects that my device is a Phone and not a Tablet, so it doesn't make the tablet version of SlingPlayer available to me.


      Can you guys either:


      1) Make the "SlingPlayer for Tablet" app available to all Android phones with 1280x720 screens?

      2) Or update your "SlingPlayer for Phone" app so it spits out 720p video quality onto Android phones with 1280x720 screens?


      If you guys are already working on this, do you have an ETA to when it will be available?


      Thanks in advance.