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    Slingplayer Update Question




      I have been putting off an update to my Slingplayer that it prompts me everytime I start up my Slingplayer.


      I put it off because last time I had to call the company because I could no longer watch after updating (I updated from a computer not on the same network as my Slingbox)


      Recently I have had streaming issues - it would keep cutting out and sometimes I am unable to watch it at all - could this be because of an old firmware version?


      Also, if I get someone on the same network as the slingbox to update it, should I run into problems when trying to connect to it on another machine?




      Jon Andrews

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          Hello super_chelseafc,


          Thank you for participating in the Slingbox Answers Forum. I would highly recommend updating the Slingbox, because this helps with the life of your Slingbox and how it works. You shouldn't run into any issues with viewing the Slingbox, longs the Slingbox is setup on the home network. Below I have included an informational link for you to look at in regards to why it's important to update the Firmware of the Slingbox. If you do run into any problems after updating your Slingbox, please feel free to contact us via our Chat Support or Phone Support at 877-467-5464.


          What is Slingbox Software (firmware)?


          Hope this Helps.


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