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    PRO-HD no longer detecting video signal.


      This is a strange one:


      Suddenly and without warning our trusty Slingbox PRO-HD has stopped detecting incoming video signals. The strange thing is, the passthrough still works as we are able to watch the content on our local TV hooked up to the Slingbox.


      When we try to access the streamed content however, it states "no video signal" or something to that effect.


      So to summarize:


      - I know the signal is making from the PVR to the Slingbox.

      - The Slingbox is passing the signal on to the local TV.

      - The Slingbox is not streaming the incoming feed, either on the local network or via the internet.

      - Nothing has changed in terms of my setup.

      - I've tried power cycling the device.


      Any ideas? Could this be a bunk power supply?