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    Disconnect issue with 3rd gen iPad




      My home setup is:


      Slingbox Pro-HD, connected to a Linksys WGA 600N, which itself is getting the signal from our Linksys WRT54G.


      I recently bought a 3rd generation iPad to replace my 1st gen device. I had the Sling app working fine on the old ipad, streaming in HD. With the new device however, it connects and only works for around 10-15 minutes before it trips up and starts buffering, after which the video comes back for a few seconds, then it re-buffers, that repeats a couple times, and then the screen goes black. The app is still active, but it turns out the sling app has managed to kick the Slingbox HD itself off the network. So I have to call my dad (slingbox is at my parents' house) and have him unplug the wireless gaming adapter, plug it back in, and sure enough the slingbox gets the network connection back and begins working again.


      I have no issues connecting to the Slingbox from my computer. The connection speeds are ample, as I can watch from my computer and watched baseball games (in HD) on the old device. Now I'm easily able to recreate and fix the problem each time, and I have to think it is the app that is acting up.


      This appears to be a similar problem to what other folks are having, but I hadn't heard about the app actually causing the slingbox to lose its network connection so I started this thread. Any advice?





      [Edit: As of 6/19/12, not sure why this says "assumed answered" now, because it has not been]

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          I have a similar problem.

          My ipad 2 was working just fine at HQ in my home network but the slingplayer on my 3rd gen which I bought a couple of days ago only gets SQ as a default and when I try to switch to HQ it barely gets around 630kbps and I cannot tolorate due to the frequent rebuffering.

          I see no problem in either network or router and works just fine from PC (windows 7).

          My assumption is the same that app is acting up.

          Currently I have to watch it at SQ which doesn't make full use of Retina!!

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              callanish Apprentice

              I'm streaming remotely, but my iPad 3 is lucky if it cracks a 700kbps stream speed, so both hd and auto settings are not an option. SQ works, but I usually get better streaming speeds, at least enough to have it set on auto with a good picture while streaming remotely. Slingplayer for the iPhone app can run in auto mode and so far is functioning fine. Has to be an IPad issue.