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    SOLO for RV'ing?


      Not all campgrounds offer wireless and some that do split the bandwidth among all campers. I have a 3G hotspot that works most places and when I'm at a campground that has wireless I would like to watch TV or if they don't I'd like to be able to use my 3G Hotspot.


      So here's my question. Will Slingbox work for me? What if I only have 3G... can I download shows from my list? Does this device buffer so I can watch shows without long pauses while the buffer fills?


      TIA for your help!

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          shaysfn Novice

          Hey Richardisr,


          Thanks for using our forum.  I have an article, Network speed requirements that should help with your 3G question. As far as the remote goes, your remote on your computer should work exactly as if you were home with your remote in your hand.  It will list your recorded programs and everything.



          Hope this helps.


          Thank you.


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