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    Use with 'HDMI to Component' converter?



      I realize the Slingbox does not have HDMI input/output for various reasons.

      My question is:

      Is it possible to use the HDMI output from my cable box into an 'HDMI to Component' converter and then into the 'Component Input' of the Slingbox. Such a device is available, like this one:




      I'd like to do this because, with most cable boxes, they will not output through 'HDMI' and 'Component' simultaneously. But I do have the ability to split the output of the HDMI signal and run it to various locations. I know I could run the Component Output from my cable box to my Slingbox and then pass through to my monitor, but then I would not be getting the best audio and video performance since HDMI would not be in use.


      Thanks on advance.