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    Slingbox has stopped connecting


      Our SlingBox ProHD has stopped working - we have tried to reset the connectivity as instructed online but still cannot connect. We have tried from multiple computers.


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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          Lots of people have reported problems with the power supply on the SB-HD.   Even though the lights may be on, the failed power supply prevents connections from going through.   If your SB-HD is still under warranty,  you can get a free replacement power supply from SB.   Described on the opening page to the support forums.   I have purchased a third-party replacement power supply (5 volt, 4 amperes capacity) from bgmicro.com on the internet, as backup in case my own power supply should fail in the future.

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            beckifields Novice

            Hello  ladybugx87,


            We hope you've contacted us since you posted this, but on the off-chance that you're still having a problem - just call us! We want to help.

            US and Canada customers, call 1.877.GO.SLING.

            Be sure to note the manufacturer of the Slingbox AC power supply (the wall adapter) when you contact our support agents - it will say either "Ktec" or "V-INFINITY". Having that information in advance will help us serve you better.


            The Slingbox Moderation Team.

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              I had an update to firefox, both in my office and at home. After the firefox update was completed, I could no longer connect to the slingbox from either comptuer or location.