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    Sending new Slingbox to another country.




      I want to buy a new slingbox hd pro and have it sent directly to Norway, I am in the UK and I want to watch some programes from my freinds Norwegien Altibox my questions are as follows:


      Can my freind in Norway install it and then send me the Slingbox ID password and log in details ? or

      am I best to set up the Slingbox in the UK and then send it to him in Norway to connect to his STB ? I know this way all he would have to do is a router set up.


      Thanks for your help.

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          OvCollyer Apprentice

          Best off having it setup in Norway IMO - the setup process mainly consists of configuring the Slingbox to the correct input from the cable box, including making sure the remote control works, and making sure your router is setup to allow remote viewing.


          Both of these are best done at the location Slingbox is to be installed at, I'd say.