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    Keyboard key strokes not working





      I can’t get web player to respond to keystrokes issued by the local keyboard e.g. Ctl L for back or the numeric keys to change the channel. In my case this is important as the Web player is configured on a small screen netbook.


      Due to the constraints of the screen the remote is larger than the screen. One would think all you would have to do is drag the remote where you want it, this works but as soon as you let go the button the remote just bounces back to the same location with the bottom part of the remote below the screen.


      A right click bring up a context menu which is OK for single clicks, but if you want to change a channel with three digits it is impossible to use this context menu. My last choice is to use the netbooks keyboard but the web player does not respond to any keystroke. Can these bugs be passed on to Slingbox and maybe fixed in the next release?


      Cheers Roy.