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    Slingbox Pro HD and SlingCatcher freezes every few minutes




      I have a Slingbox Pro HD in San Francisco that is connected to a remote Slingcatcher at my vacation condo in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  It has worked fine for years.   The only change I made is that I recently switched from AT&T DSL to much higher speed Comcast Internet. I have very high speed internet at both locations.


      Now, everytime I try and watch the Slingbox with my remote SlingCatcher, it freezes about every 5-10 minutes and says there is a network error.  The only way I can get it to work again, is to dial my remote router and reboot it.  I can access my home computer with Logmein.com and I can see that the internet is working fine in my home, so the internet had not gone down. I only had to reboot the wireless router and not the DSL modem.  Then, I can log back onto the Slingcatcher/Slingbox and it works for about 5 minutes before it freezes again.  I have tried pressing the reset button on the Slingcatcher but this does not fix the problem. The same freezing happens when I access the SlingBox from the browser on my Mac.    Sometimes the freezing will not occur for 10-15 minutes on the Mac, but usually it occurs within 5-10 minutes.  It seems to last a little longer on the Mac web browser before freezing.


      The Slingbox and Slingcatcher are both connected to their respective routers with wired ethernet.  I have the SlingPlayer IP address port forwarded to my Netgear WNR3500 Rangemax router, starting and ending port 5001 using TCP/UDP.  I also tried just TCP and had the same problems.  I turned off UPNP on my home router.  I also tried it with UPNP turned on and I have also tried turning off the router firewall.  I have pinged the devices to test for packet fragementing and set my MTU to 1460 on my home router, home DSL Motorola SURF modem and my remote 2Wire Model 2701HG-T DSL modem/wireless router.  I can remotely log into my home network and watch the Slingboxes with my local PC with no freezing problem.  I have run the setup.slingbox.com program on my Slingbox and set it up for remote internet viewing from my home network and it all works fine locally.  I also can use the SlingPlayer app on my iPad and access the Slingboxes remotely.  The iPad Slingplayer app ran for over a half hour without freezing.  I have not had a chance to test it for a longer period. The iPad app appears to be working fine.


      I have read all of the Slingbox forums for suggestions and tried everything I saw to no avail. I also have another Slingbox Pro HD and another Slingcatcher as my backup devices.  I have the same settings for these 2 other devices and experience the same freezing problems.  The Slingboxes and Slingcatchers are worthless with this constant freezing problem. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions on how to fix this extremely frustrating problem.  Thanks very much in advance for any suggestions that you might have.


      Best regards,