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      SB is a great product with terrible direction! 100's maybe 1000's of different solutions or problem solving links but it's all too complicated. Might be fine for the person with a Computer Science degree but for the average Joe, that just wants to watch TV, it's not very user friendly.


      You would think if someone wanted to upgrade and buy the best product they offer that that would be the one area they would have dialed. But no it's overly complicated and the follow up redudant.


      I have an older SB model "That's no longer supported" so I decided to buy a SB Pro HD through the SB Products online page. They offer a $50 discount which puts the price the same as you can buy at Walmart, but I wanted to go directly to the source for the best possible product and customer support.


      Placed my order, everythings good. One week later nothing, no notice of order status, or update of delivery, no communication at all. Check my "Order Status" and all that shows up on the page is the info stating I placed my order. Email customer service and another week passes before I get a response. The response made no sense and had two attached documents, after I download them and open them...there is nothing in there, they are blank pages?!


      Check my order status on SB website again and same thing, all my info showing I've placed an order.


      Call customers service, after I search 20min to find the phone number, I found it posted in someone elses blog post, I could not find it on any of their web pages. Product Sales Customer Service Support person tells me my order was canceled the day I placed! The CC did not go thrugh. OK, no email ever notifying me of this and when I check my online order status on the SB web page, there is no mention of cancelation. So I'm on the phone with Product Sales, lets place a new order, I can give you my info over the phone and can verify if the order goes through. Nope can't do that over the phone, have to go back and place the order online.


      For an Online Company, Slingbox is failing.


      I buy stuff Online all the time and seconds after I hit the confirm sale button, I get a ledgeable, easily understood email of my order status.


      Do I try again?

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          OvCollyer Apprentice

          I can't see the benefit of buying direct - if you've bought loads of stuff online the chances are you must have a decent supplier for something like the Slingbox, maybe Amazon or someone, so why not use them?


          Sounds like you've had a **** experience and if it was me I wouldn't try again direct if they couldn't even help you when you called them.

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            Matt.Sling Apprentice

            Hello motorowlands,

            I'm sorry to hear you had an issue with the online order being cancelled or otherwise not fullfilled. I'm going to have one of our folks contact you to get that resolved for you.