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    Internet viewing setup correctly, but not working


      After not being able to connect to my slingbox away from home, I checked it at home.  I went through the setup for internet viewing, did it manually:


      - Input the IP that my router assigned it,

      - Input the port, 5001, that is set up on my router for port forwarding, which is assigned to above said IP address

      - Input the gateway, subnet


      I clicked "next" and I got this:

      Ready for Internet Viewing
      You are now all set to watch TV on your Slingbox from anywhere.
      To make changes to your Internet Viewing settings, click on Internet Viewing advanced settings.



      But then I go back, and see that my slingbox is only available for LAN viewing.  The internet option is grayed out.  I also tried the old slingbox program to configure it, and it seems to configure that way too, but again only works over LAN.  I don't have a new router, ISP, computer, or software.  I changed nothing, and I'm wondering if the slingbox AV is no longer supported for internet streaming.


      Anybody still using these? Mine's 5 years old, but it's been a champ.  It stills seems to function, which is why I think Sling Media has changed something so it won't work any longer.  I'd even be willing to pay the $30 if I knew it would start working.  I don't want to shell it out though if I end up needing to buy new hardware.


      Any insight would be appreciated.