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    Google Chrome


      I went to install my Slingbox on Google Chrome and I found that to install it, I got the following question:


      • Install WebSlingPlayer?
        • It can access:
        • All data on your computer and the websites you visit


      That seems a little invasive, is this correct?  If install this, SlingMedia essentially has 100% access to everything I have and do with my computer?



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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          In order to view your Slingbox on a Chrome browser, an extension must be installed to Chrome.  On my version of Chrome, this extension is WebSlingPlayer version   I don't recall any warnings on installation like you are receiving.   Nor have a noticed any funny behavior of my computer or router when I use the SB. You could also install the standalone Slingplayer application on your computer, if the access to the SB through a browser window worries you about security issues.