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    configuring static IP?




      I am trying to figure out how to configure static IP of my slingbox pro. I can view in settings both from slingplayer on Mac and Windows what the current IP is and that it is using DHCP, but I cannot find any way to specify a static IP manually?


      Whats the trick?




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          ArizonaSackbut Apprentice

          Hi jsorensen,



          This should be a pretty easy "trick" to pull off.    The quick answer is make the change on your Slingbox with the Setup Assistant (you're looking for the remote viewing settings) and don't forget to update the port forwarding rules in your router if you want to watch from outside your home network.



          I'm more familiar with the Mac software (and it sounds like you run both), so I'll give some details from that perspective.  You can certainly do this from Windows as well.



          - In the Mac SlingPlayer, go to Window > Slingbox Directory (Apple-D).


          - Select your Slingbox, and click on the Edit... button.


          - At the top of the window that rolls down, select the Configuration tab:

          Mac Player Directory Config Screen.png



          - Click on Change Network Settings.  The Setup Assistant will launch, prompting you to enter your Slingbox hardware admin password.


          - On the next screen, there's a checkbox in the upper left corner to configure Remote Viewing.  Make sure that's checked then click Continue:

          Mac Setup Screen 1 Remote Viewing.png



          - The next screen gives you three configuration options, choose Manual (Advanced) and click Continue.


          - Enter the Static IP you would like, subnet mask and Router address.  Click Continue.

          Remote Viewing Setup - IP.jpg



          - Finally, enter your port and finish up.  Port 5001 is the default, but you can choose something else if you like.  Probably best to leave it at 5001 unless you have a reason to change it:

          Remote Viewing Setup - Port.jpg



          That's it.   Like I mentioned earlier, make sure the router's port forwarding rules reflect your changes here so you don't have any problems with remote viewing.



          Hope this helps,


          - Az