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    Remote control for Pace DT PHI9100 (aka TDS850IDI) has glitches

    OvCollyer Apprentice

      I installed a Slingbox Pro-HD for use with my Digiturk+ HD service which uses the Pace DT PHI9100 box.


      I located the remote ok since it was supported, however it has the following fundamental flaws:


      1. The left/right buttons are incorrectly mapped somehow so that they do not do anything. I have tried on Mac web player and iPad player with the same result.


      2. When I try and log-in via a Slingcatcher, the "Back" button does not work so you cannot get out of the TV Guide, for example. Back works via the on-screen remote on both web player and iPad player however.


      So then I installed a custom remote for the TDS850IDI which I found at JP1 Remotes, and although this sorts out the basics like Back and the Left/Right, the default remote then obviously doesn't support a bunch of the real remote's keys, like the Opt, VOD, etc stuff. So while it's ok for basic viewing and the TV guide, it's not ok for going into settings or anything out of the ordinary.


      Also, I liked the fact that the properly supported remote used the proper skin that looked exactly the same as the hardware remote.


      Perhaps this can be fixed, otherwise it's a shame that someone has gone to the trouble of making the right skin if the remote doesn't work properly and allow you to navigate left/right (essential in the PVR's settings menus) or use it at all with a SlingCatcher.