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    Slingbox HD PRO  and SlingCatcher with windows 7 ?


      Hi  everybody

      I'm thinking to buy a Sling media system (  slingbox pro HD and SlingCatcher ) can someone tell me  please if  i can  use  windows 7 ....?
        I'll use it with satelit box ( dreamboxHD-800 )  and  DVR.


        Can i use mobile broadband ( dongle)  with  "SlingCatcher".....?


      Thanks in advance

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          OvCollyer Apprentice

          Firstly, they stopped bothering to make the SlingCatcher a while back, so you'll only be able to pick them up on eBay etc unless by some miracle you find somewhere still with stock. Expect to pay a premium though if you want a new one - £500 or something.


          If you manage to get one then it negates the need for a PC to watch your TV, as you would just plug the SlingCatcher into your TV.


          However, you'll still need a PC to setup your Slingbox Pro-HD but you'll be fine doing this on a Windows 7 based system.