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    Upgraded to a Zoom 5350 Cable Modem and my HD-PRO don't work


      After upgrading from a Motorola Surfer Cable Modem and a Netgear Router to the Zoom which is DOCSYS 3.0,  it has been imposible that my computer find my sling box no matter how many times I reset it and did the setup again.


      The Netgear range goes from and the Zoom goes from (which can't be changed in the Zoom)  but I guess when the Slingbox is reseted it should take the IP address range provided by the zoom.


      All the filters on the Zoom were set to allow the SlingBox to work like port forwarding, DMZ, etc.


      The only way I managed to go around was  hooking again the  Netgear Router connecting it's WAN port to one of the Zoom LAN ports, and the Slingbox then hooked to the Netgear router WAN, and setting the ZOOM to pass the Netgear Router MAC address. I know this is a NO NO setup but I have no idea if the Slingbox refuses to take the DHCP IP range provided by the Zoom or if I can manually force the Slingbox to go from to  By the way when the Slingbox is hooked directly to the Zoom and reseted, the Slingbox network light turn on steady, but  it's MAC address is not listed on  the Zoom DHCP list of devices hooked to it, meaning the Zoom doesn't find it.


      It works very good when loging through a computer hooked to the Netgear WAN port and quite slower when hooked to the Zoom, but on the Zoom it could take about 2 minutes to increase it's streaming speed to full speed. I will leave USA tomorrow to south america were I hope I will abble to log and watch with decent quality but I am upset about this setup because it defeated the purpose of having in one box a  modem, router and wifi.


      Is there a way to check why the Slingbox is not registering in the Zoom DHCP list of devices and change it's IP range to match the 192.1.0.xxx family of IP address which the Zoom provide ?