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    Connection drops out for a few seconds when remote


      I have a somewhat different problem.  Since I Work in Uganda, I have a slow and unreliable Internet connection.  Usually, the problem is just picture quality and that is, of course, directly related to the speed of my connection at the Kampala end (or most other African locations).


      The real issue for me is that the connection drops out every now and again for a few seconds. That is the connection here in Africa drops out.  Usually, following the instructions to reconnect works fine and I get to continue watching the game.  However, once in a while, I can't reconnect.  I have to ask my friends back in Maine to go to the house and turn off the power to the Slingbox unit for a few minutes then turn the power back on.  This works every time (so far).  I installed a power switch that turns the power off once a day and that worked good for about a year but the power switch has decided that it don't want to do its thing any more so I'm back to the friends support.