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    Can not see the numbers for technical help-- Site does not display them


      I am having trouble getting my Slingbox Solo to get connected to my network- no network light. There are so many variables in play I decided to pay for the one one time incident help available by phone. Followed the numerous links required to finaly see the numbers for my area (UK) to discover the the numbers don't display. The page staes the number are shown at the right-- WRONG!.

      There is an empty box at the top and more links below, some of which take me in an amusing circle back to this page. but no numbers.

      Clearly the site is broken.

      Odd that it has not been noticed. I also can not find a way to email directly to tell them this.

      I found buried in an article that you have to be logged in to see them- HA! We have an account, I started over- loggedin and followed the links- same result.

      I am on a MAC- Same results in Safari and FireFox

      I am getting the feeling it is NOT ME but them!

      Anyone have a number for the UK?

      How abouut an email to at least have some connection with these Sling dudes?