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    SlingPlayer for Android OS


      Any time frame for a SlingPlayer Modile app for the Android OS?

      I'm getting ready to upgrade to a new phone that has Android since the Windows Mobile OS seems to be

      kind of on the back burner for Microsoft. PLEASE SUPPORT THE ANDROID OS!!!!

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          hmiller Newbie

          Did you sign up to be notified when it is ready?



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            When is it coming out?I hope you don't screw us over like sling has now with the tech support and bs there.

            If we get screwed over i will sell my 2 slings and find another way.I love sling just not the new customer care.

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              I love sling.But like i said the tech issue and the way they handle tech support has pi_ _ ed me off.

              They never released a linux client.Does android count???.I just hate to see companies get to big to care about the customers.

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                  eferz Expert





                  SlingPlayer Mobile for  Android -- it's just about ready and we think it's awesome.  Our newest app delivers a superb mobile TV experience.  It features great looking picture quality, a sleek new interface and quick startup and control response. Fantastic Android phones are available on all major wireless carriers worldwide.


                  Be the first to know when SlingPlayer Mobile for Android hits the Android Market.


                  Impatient Andriod users are impatient.

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                      jeez....why can't they just tell us exactly when to expect this thing?  there definition of soon could be next year.

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                        SlingPlayer Mobile for Android ready to entertain  you for $30 starting tomorrow

                        By Chris Ziegler posted Jun 21st 2010 8:07PM

                        After a public beta spanning a couple months, Sling is rolling out the  latest piece of its expanding SlingPlayer Mobile portfolio this week -- this time for Android, plugging the biggest  coverage gap it currently has. This is the same app we recently  had an opportunity to check out, but since that preview, we're  happy to report that it's been massaged into a more stable, more usable  setup -- gone are the disconnect crashes we'd had before. Furthermore,  Sling claims they've specifically worked to improve load and response  times with this version, and we have to say that the effort is  noticeable -- this definitely feels like the fastest SlingPlayer Mobile  we've used to date. It's officially available starting tomorrow from the  Market in Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Italy,  Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, the UK, and the US for $29.99. Follow  the break for the full press release.

                        Show full PR text
                        Sling  Media Launches SlingPlayer Mobile for Android Smartphones

                        Application now delivers your home TV experience to Android phones  anywhere you have mobile phone access

                        Foster City, Calif., – June 22, 2010 – Sling Media, Inc., a wholly owned  subsidiary of EchoStar Corporation (NASDAQ: SATS), announced today the  availability of its SlingPlayer Mobile™ application for Android™  Smartphones.  The all new application gives Android phone users easy  access to their home TV experience anywhere they have mobile phone or  Wi-Fi internet access.  Now anyone with an Android phone never has to  miss a favorite TV show when they're away from home.

                        "We're committed to the Android platform, and users of our new and  improved SlingPlayer Mobile application will experience one of the most  complete mobile television experiences available today," said Sling  Media Senior Vice President and General Manager John Gilmore.  "Now the  full spectrum of viewing, including local channels and sports teams,  video on demand, pay per view and even control of their home DVR, is  available to the growing number of people moving to Android."

                        How it Works
                        When in your mobile phone provider's area of 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi coverage  and connected to a Slingbox® SOLO, PRO or PRO-HD, SlingPlayer Mobile  makes it simple to watch and control your living room television at any  time from any location.  Watch live and recorded TV and schedule  recordings of new programs from any Android Smartphone.

                        SlingPlayer Mobile for Android features faster startup and control  response times, and it works among a variety of Android-based mobile  phones in the market today.  It also has a new user interface that gives  quick-touch access to the most critical remote controls and recently  viewed channels.

                        Current Pricing and Availability
                        SlingPlayer Mobile Android is available now for download for $29.99* in  the Android Market in the following countries: Australia, Austria,  Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, United  Kingdom and the United States.
                        *Price is in U.S. dollars. U.S. dollar to local currency exchange will  be carried out at purchase via the customer's bank or credit card  provider. Pricing and availability subject to local laws.
                        Visit http://www.slingbox.com/go/android for more information.

                        About Sling Media, Inc.
                        Sling Media, Inc., an affiliate of EchoStar Technologies L.L.C., which  is a wholly owned subsidiary of EchoStar Corporation (NASDAQ: SATS), is  the leading provider of video placeshifting products and services for  consumers and television service providers. Sling Media's product family  includes the internationally acclaimed, Emmy award-winning Slingbox™  that allows consumers to watch and control their living room television  shows at any time, from any location, using internet-connected PCs,  Macs, PDAs and smartphones. For more information, visit  www.slingmedia.com.
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                      Just curious to know what one (I) could do to get my hands on a beta test version on the android app? LOL closed mouth dont get feed! and sometimes if you ask you may receive to just taking a shot =)

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                        Well its finally in the market and its on my evo now.  Im insanely disappointed.  No favorites? I just hate the software as winmo and the ipod software are both superior. Works great but how can we not have favorites? I was expecting so much more software wise.

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                            eferz Expert



                            Just be glad that you have it all, and you didn't have to wait over two years to get it as I did with the original iPhone.


                            There are plenty of other mobile clients that are still waiting for a compatible Slingplayer Mobile like webOS.

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                            I had the slingmobile player for windows ce a while back.  Can I upgrade that to the android mobile player for free or do I have to pay the $30?