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    General question re using a slingbox in Dubai


      Sorry if this questions is a bit basic but I have just moved to Dubai and would like to know whether a Slingbox will enable me to watch UK tv here.

      Parents in the UK have a full Sky Sports package. If I connect to their box in the UK will I get full access here to the same Sky package nad other UK tv here in Dubai? Will connecting to their box in the UK affect what they can watch?

      Can I watch and change channels independent of the UK or will I have to watch the same channels at the same time?

      What are the drawbacks and benefits? I have read a number of posts on the forum regarding picture quality/buffering and the like, so does it work?

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          shaysfn Novice

          Hi Al Uae,


          Thanks for using the Slingbox forum.  You can watch the UK tv there in Dubai.  You will have all of the control as if you were in the UK and had the remote control in your hand.  This article should help with the Hookup of Slingbox UK.  This article, Changing Channels will explain the controls of the tv in the UK. Regarding the quality and the buffering, this article Internet viewing picture quality should help with those questions. If you have any futher questions, feel free to contact us on the forum again with more specific information we can answer any questions you might have.


          Hope these articles help.


          Thank you.


          Sling Moderator Team.