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    Frequent stuttering at 1800 kbps...


      Just upgraded my Slingbox Classic to a Slingbox Solo for better support on iPads and iPhones. When I initially hooked it up earlier in the evening, everything seemed fine. Now however, it stutters evey two seconds, making the experience horrid.


      The picture and sound are crisp and in sync. The bandwidth is great at 1800 kbps. I can access it fine over my iPhone via 3G and WiFi, and on my iPad and laptop via WiFi. NO MATTER HOW I ACCESS IT, it all stutters every two seconds.


      I've set up my Motorolla SBG6580 as directed. I can access the Slingbox via 3G and WiFi. I've tried resetting the router and the Slingbox, but neither fixes the issue.


      I've tried adjusting the quality settings on the SlingPlayer apps, but nothing stops the stuttering. I've tried viewing different programming on my TiVo, and tried viewing Live TV, but nothing changes.


      My probelm is that even over WiFi, I have the same 2 second stutter issue at home. The stuttering occurs no matter how I connect to it.
      Any help appreciated.
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          Found a fix for this.


          I needed to hook up composite video from my TiVo to my Slingbox, then from the Slingbox to my TV.


          The problem occurs when the TiVo had two output signals, one to the TV via HDMI and one to the Slingbox via composite video. When I turned off the TV, for some reason, the TiVo's playback was all messed up through the composite video. Whenever I turned off the TV, the stuttering occurs, but when I turn on the TV, the stuttering over the Slingbox is gone.


          I have no clue why this is so.