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    remote operation


      Sling box works great but it appears that if I don't have the remote turned on from the PC that I  use to setup the system, the remote location can not turn on the remote. Once I turn on the remote on at the PC, the remote location gets connected just fine, ie can turn channels, etc.

      Shouldn't you be able to turn on the remote regardless if your're on the setup PC or at a remote location.

      The remote location is an  Ipad with its own paid app. The setup PC is Windows XP....does that have something to do with it.?

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          barbaraharwood Newbie

          Hi mpeplin,


          I am sorry you are not able to access the remote. The information is a little confusing!


          Please look at this link:



          You will see that Windows XP is not a supported operating system although it appears some use is available. If you have another computer, try to do the set up at setup.slingbox.com to get the Slingbox working for you.  Also, be sure to get the Internet Viewing test completed.


          Hope this helps with your issue!


          Have a great day!

          Sling Moderation Team

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            alanrichey42 Master

            I agree with the Moderator that this is a bit confusing.  Let me see if I understand you:


            1.  When you are running the Windows XP laptop, using the browser (and ignore the fact that this is the laptop you ran the setup on, that is irrelevant), then you can Power toggle your device using the Virtual remote ?


            2.  When you are using the iPad viewer then the Power button on the virtual remote does not switch the device on or off, but all the buttons work correctly  provided the device is turned on by some other method?   (And again, ignore that fact that you are working remotely, that is irrelevant as well I think).


            Is that right or have I misunderstood as well ?


            If I am right, what happens if you try the iPad at the Slingbox location, or another laptop at the remote location ?