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    2wire 3801HGV router setup for internet viewing?


      I have had a Slingbox on my old cable system (Time Warner) since 2007.  Last month I switched to AT&T Uverse (Motorola VIP 2250 cable box and 2Wire 3801HGV router).  When the cable installer was there I searched the Forum for any entries warning against the 2wire or the Motorola, and while there were a few, they all seemed to have a resolution.  While the technician was still there, I reconnected the slingbox to the new system, and it worked straight away!  I not only have the Player on my laptop, but I also have the Iphone app.  Both worked when I was in the network.


      But I discovered that while it worked in my network, it did not work remotely.  I proceeded to try to reconfigure through Slingbox.com, and the next thing I new I had no connection whatsoever.


      Finally tonight I went back in and got it back so that I have a connection in my network.  But within the forum, the instructions that say "3800 2wire" works just like 3801 has apparently not seen 3801.  And while I did download the SBAV codes for the Motorola, they don't show up when I try to reconfigure the input.  I tried using teh ATT Uverse generic cable box setting, which has the right remote and as I said, works in the network.


      I have done my best to configure the 2wire 3801HGV.  It already was recognizing my slingbox on its network, the port is right (5001) and the IP addresses are correct.  The firewall Pinhole is configured according to the instructions.  And it still won't work when I go to set up internet viewing.


      I am assuming that this is a router issure, not a cable box issue. ATT has a secure connection, and even without the firewall pinhole, is the other problem that the ATT system doesn't have a way to access their cable code from outside the network?


      I appreciate any help.

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          Hi ACC319089,


          It seems that you are having some issues in order to configure your Slingbox with the 2Wire 3801HGV router.


          Although we do not have the specific router model listed, I recommend you to check the following third-party link. It will provide you with the step-by-step instructions using a close model number.


          Port Forwarding SlingBox on the 2wire 3800HGV-B


          Hope this helps!



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              The link you sent is the link that I worked from, and that was what I used to get from no connection at all to now having no remote viewing.  The layout of the router links are not so intuitive on the 3801 as they are on the instructions for the 3800, but I did follow the tips.


              One thing that is confusing on the 3801 layout - within the router it shows the various components of the network, including my slingbox, which I call Robinson.  It is right there in teh network, I can click on details, it shows that it is working.  I can see that the port and IP settings are correct.


              However, it calls all of these components "computers".  So it is asking which computer will control the firewall pinholes (and Slingbox was already an option for a pinhole).  I added the Slingbox firewall pinhole to Robinson first, which did not have any effect.  I tried to add it to both Robinson and my laptop, which it would not let me do.  I took Slingbox back from Robinson and put it under the control of my laptop.  That got me to have a connection within my network (PROGRESS!), but not for remote viewing.


              I then tried to follow the 3800 instructions to manually build a set of pinhole details (port 5001 to 5001, TCP and UCP, etc) called robinson that I could then attach to Robinson.  That would not work (not that I thought it would, but hey, I was pretty desperate at that point).  I used the Remove button to take those settings back out, but they still live on the Add side of the pinholes.


              My logic says that the way that ATT has integreated the security of the router into the security of the cable box is what is keeping it from allowing access from a remote point.  How do I get around that?


              My Slingbox is from 2006.  Is it possible that a new model would have better firmware to work with these newer model cable boxes?  Or is that not going to make a difference?


              I can't be the first person who has had trouble with this new router and cable box setting, unless the others have newer slingboxes?


              I appreciate your help!