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    Slingbox Solo suddenly no network connectivity


      Dear Slingbox Support,


      I have the Slingbox Solos and the Slingbox Catcher for more than 2 years now and i am, i was very happy about this products.


      Now i have a big problem, suddenly the Slingbox Solo is not working any more, the power led is on, but the network led light is not on (dark blinking, not bright)


      I went through all of the troubleshootings, but nothing helps. I found something out with is quit interessting:


      The network light turns on (bright network light) when i power off the Slingbox for several hours . I am able to connect to the slimbox , but only few minutes, then the connection get lost (network light again dark) .

      When the connection is lost, i can power of the slingbox, reset, hard reset the slingbox , the network led is not going on...


      i tried to change the network cablesand tried also different routers , but always the same issue.


      I am not quit sure if this could be the power supply (i hope it is ;(), but here in Germany i could not find this typ of power supply (5v/4a) in our local shops ,  where i can go and test...


      Does the support ever get such a problem reported? Could someone help in my case?


      thanks in advance for any help,