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    Power Supply?


      I have a Slingbox Solo which I have owned for about 4 years. It has been working flawlwssly ever since I first set it up. I keep it powered on 24/7/365.


      Recently I was trying without success to connect to it while I was away on business and I was unable to do so. When I got home to check I noticesd that the Power light the power light was blinking and the network light was off. Also, the Sling Logo light does not come on. If my memory serves me correctly I thought that the Logo light was on at least for the time that the unit was powering on. (I could be wrong about that).


      Anyway, could this be a defective power supply? I have disconnected the unit and tried several other wall sockets but the results seem to be the same. Network light off and the power light just blinks. I have tried several times to do a factory reset but that does not appear to be working either. The ac adapter is cold to the touch even when plugged into the wall and connected to the Slingbox, and the Slingbox feels cold as well. Hopefully somebody else in this forum has had a similar problem and tell me what might be wrong.

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          Hello Bobster-6,


          Thank you for participating in the Slingbox Answers Forum. It does sounds as though, it may be a faulty power adapter. I would recommend contacting us via the following phone number,1-877-467-5464 for further assistance.


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