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    Watch.slingbox.com - Starts then Extremely Low KBPS


      I have been using Google Chrome & Internet Explorer for watching my Slingbox. I am running Windows 7 that has been fully updated. I typically have gotten speeds between 2500-4000+ kbps through remote viewing.

      I am using a Slingbox Pro-HD connected to a ViP 722K box.

      In the past two days my connection will start as normal with the web player and then quickly drop to the area of 40kpbs with a black screen.

      This problem is isolated to the web player because I can watch perfectly on my tablet (HD) and phone using the same connection that the PC fails with.

      Unfortunately the SlingPlayer does not seem to be compatible in HD with the 722k box from what I have read. I have downloaded that, had a good speed, but still had a very mediocre picture.

      I was hoping someone in the community has dealt with this issue and knew of a possible solution.