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    Removing a Slingbox


      I just got a new slingbox solo and I want to delete my old slingbox so it does not constantly ask me which slingbox I want to connect with, and sometimes when I try to login it is automatically going to the old slingbox.  How can I remove this old slinbox from the system?  I successfully removed it from the slingbox profile on the website, but it still comes up as an option when I login on my Android, and it sometimes still tries to connect to it automatically from my computer, even though I removed the old profile.

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          Hi ACC98251,


          I understand that you want to know how to remove the information about your "old" Slingbox from your account.


          You only need to visit accounts.slingbox.com, log in to your account and access the panel located on the left hand side of the screen. There, make sure to select "Slingbox Directory". Right there, you will see your Slingbox units listed. Select the right one and click on the "Remove" button on the right hand side. This way, you will be able to get rid of the old Slingbox information.


          Hope this helps!