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    screen orientation on kindle fire is locked?


      The screen orientation on the kindle fire is locked into landscape and only in one way.  This prevents the app from being used with many device covers because it is upside down when the cover is open.  The app needs the ability to be flipped on the screen when needed ...even if that is a manual setting.  Please advise asap.

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          Hi psollimo,


          It seems that you want to know if it is possible to change the screen orientation (from landscape to portrait) on the SlingPlayer for Kindle application.


          The SlingPlayer for Kindle application was designed to take advantage of the Kindle Fire tablet full screen. So it is not possible to adjust the screen orientation and we do not have any information if it is going to be any upcoming update that will modify this specific feature.


          We can only encourage you to keep on checking our website at www.slingbox.com for further details.   



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            Thanks for the reply, but I am not looking for portrait - I need landscape, but flipped the other way. Many cases only open one way and make the sling app unusable.  How do we get sling to keep landscape, but invert it?  Buying a new case is not an acceptable reply - this is the only app that I have found with this problem. thanks