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    Laptop with Extended T.V. Monitor (two monitor) setup - suggestion for SlingBox developers




      I am new to the forums. I absolutely love the product. Here is my scenario and I am sure that others would love to be able to do this as well. I have a computer hooked up to my T.V. but it is a hassel to get up and change the channel with the software running on my computer to the HDMI on my T.V. I would love to not have to do that and just control it remotely.


      My current solution for dual monitor (aka TV, laptop), because sling software won't allow Full Screen (monitor 2) and windowed screens for remote control and guide (monitor 1). Is to use their firefox add on which allows me ot make the fire fox window full screen (monitor 2) and then have control with my laptop using guide and remote as pop outs on (monitor 1) while I sit on the couch. HOWEVER, this is annoying because the Full Screen (monitor 2) is not as high of quality on the Browser based sling as it is on Sling software, and there are controls/ sling logo/ other bothersome things on the "Full Screen". It does allow me to sit 20 ft away on my couch and watch T.V. though which is great.


      The current designs you have are perfect for when I travel and just want to watch on one screen...but this addition to you Sling Software would be awsome *please make sling software able to be windowed or popouts for each item (guide, remote, TV video) so on one monitor I can have my pure full screen TV sling stream, and another monitor I can have popped out remote control and guide to control that stream!*


      Many Thanks,





      Other Suggestions:


      - use iPad or android as JUST a remote for the stream on your computer

           *Home(SlingBox) --> Dorm(Computer with Sling software) --> Android (proposed sling remote software) --> User sits on couch and controls T.V. they      are watching without getting up.