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    Apple extreme router firewall issue maybe


      I recently upgraded my home entertainment decision at which time I re-connected my INACTIVE slingbox pro hd.  The light is blinking on the front of the slingbox and I have disconnected ethernet and power cords all over the place.  I reset the sling box, I thought< although it still appears as my original named device on Slingbox online (website).  The error messages claim that I have a port forwarding issue or a firewall issue.  I use an Apple Extreme router and have been unable to verify the firewall settings through my Airport Utility software.


      1. Have an Apple Extreme Router


      2. Have a Slingbox Pro-HD


      3. Have a Sling Media link (next to router) to broadcast the commands to the slingbox located in another room


      4. Sling Box PRO light is blinking on front


      5. Sling Link on top of the Sling Box has two of three green lights lit


      6. All setup on internet with SLingbox.com.


      What next?