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    Connect atv2 to slingbox - stream atv2 content to ipad display


      Am I missing something or is there just no way you can connect your atv2 (the second generation of appletv) to a slingbox pro hd?

      If you google this you get only what I already know for long time that you can watch sling on atv2 using airplay.

      But I'm interested in streaming the other way around: connect an appletv2 to my slingbox pro hd, take my ipad on the go and watch and control my atv2 content on my ipad display. Or iphone or whatever.

      Can I just use a hdmi to av converter(slingbox does not have hdmi input (ofcourse)) to plug an atv2 in the slingbox pro hd? Does slingplayer supports atv2 remotecontrol signals?

      I know that the first generation appletv can be hooked to a slingbox but that one has av out but unfortunately atv2 only has hdmi-out (ofcourse).


      Would be great!