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    Slingbox Player hangs after a few minutes


      Has anone experience theie Slingbox Player hang after a few minutes. If you restart the Slingbox Player, it plays again for a few minutes and hangs again. Does anyone know how to solve this problem?





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          I have the same issue and have searched the forums and see many having the same issue - but no solution.

          When at home on the same network, the slingplayer/box work fine.

          If i try to connect at work (across town) it plays for a few seconds/minutes and then errors.


          There was an error connecting to your Slingbox. Please try again. Do you want to retry? [Code:W211]


          My uncle in Thailand was able to view with very few issues until a week or so ago.

          He reported seeing a maintenace update on the Sling website, and now he too cannot stay connected for more than a few

          seconds/minute before getting the same error.


          The old (unsupported) Sling App acts the same way. No error message - just drops the connection.


          Please - Sling Support... find out what is happening.  It is totaly unusable like this!

          I have reset the box several times!  Your only response to this matter is "reset the box"

          That doesn't fix it!  Let's find out a common thread of those that are having this issue...

          What information do you need to troubleshoot this? 


          I have the Slingbox Pro HD and an Apple Airport Extreme Router.  Cable Modem.