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    Pro-HD slingbox buffering issues


      I love my Slingbox PRO-HD but I have had sort of a baffling problem with my Pro-HD.


      I recently set up a slingbox on my parents second TV (They have Direct TV) with component cables.

      They have an HD box from Direct TV, a new one ... it was purchased in April of 2012.

      The Slingbox Pro HD was purchased in April of 2009.


      That said, the app on my phone works well with 3G speed, but not over wifi at my house.

      (I live in a different state than my parents).


      Additionally, the slingbox does not work on my Ipad or laptop.

      It just continues to buffer over and over and is not watchable as a result.

      I have the highest internet speed at my house.  My parents have the lowest internet speed.  Could this be it?


      Or is it a software related thing on my Ipad and laptop?

      I re-downloaded the latest App on my Ipad.  Can I switch my Pro-HD to be SD so it doesn't buffer? 

      I'm not too concerned with the quality.


      Thanks for your help.