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    Suggestions and advise


      I am having a tv installed in my summer house which has power but nothing else.

      I will be using a home plug to give internet access to my DLNA tv.


      Is there a sling or any device, I can place on my main tv/sky via coaxial to the sling, and then access on my tv.


      If not would I need to plug in a laptop or something on the tv in the summerhouse to enable this to work.


      I have tried to find some coaxial tv over homeplug with no success, so any suggestions would be considered.


      Thanks in advance


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          Matt.Sling Apprentice

          Hi Robert,

          Assuming you will have high speed internet service at your Summer home, we have our Frequently Asked Questions page that answers all of the system requirements.


          If you have additional questions, let us know!


          - Sling Moderation Team

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              I have a homeplug set up, which does link the internal internet to the summer house. I have looked through the FAQ but this has not given me the information I need. Hence this post.


              I am not able to work out if I can use the Sling product without having to plug in a laptop or computer,


              The TV I want to watch has network, and is dnla but does not have a browser. So is the only way to use a computer in the summer house?


              Or will the sling work with the DLNA?


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                  OvCollyer Apprentice

                  You need a separate Slingplayer application.


                  This can either be 1) via a browser on a PC connected to the TV, 2) a Slingcatcher device, 3) a Boxee or Logitech Revue device, or 4) a combination of the iPad Slingplayer application streaming via AirPlay to an Apple TV connected to the TV.


                  Those are the main methods I am aware of.


                  Maybe in future Sling will write a native application for whatever TV platform you are using.