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    Slingbox Pro HD Channels No Video, Only Audio


      I was watching my slingbox pro on an HD channel without issue when I kicked off my shoe and it hit my keyboard. I have no idea what keys it hit but I immediately lost video and the player buffered down from 4000 kbps to 100 kbps. The audio still plays but video doesn't work at all, I just see a black screen. I have tried other HD channels and it is the same issue with all of them. All SD channels, however, work just fine and buffer back up around 4000 kbps. Any ideas?

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          Thats the same problem as mine.  Bumping the setup shouldn't be able to cause this problem.  You might eventually get no video on all channels, as what happened to me.   The rest of the channels video went out very soon after - 7 - 15 days.  (Wasn't counting).   It was only then that i started reading the forums and found a pattern here - but No answers.   My first input here will be to share what was done to remedy it.


          It was also after reading all of the support info online that i learned there is a 90 day complimentry window to get free tech support - after that, its a $30 min charge to resolve one issue (or you can buy more time - buy why should you need something like that, unless this system fails often?).   I discovered this only after testing multiple setup arrangements on my end before concluding this same problem existed on 3 computers with different platforms, ....a mac, a windows xp and one with win 7.   Multiple browsers used on each - all had the same condition.   My account started on feb 8, 2012 - today is may 8, so i'm glad to havew accidentally discoved this in time.   I woiuld have seriously considered getting a more reliable brands, rather than pay more money for uncertainty.


          The result i got today doesn't eliminate the uncertainties - it just resolved the problem - for now (phew).


          In the process of the tech talking me through steps to take - including verifying things were (still) plugged into the right holes, he had me plug in a direct ethernet cable from the router to the computer with no slingbox video - this case, a win 7 laptop (same problem with an old win xp, 32bit) .  Then the setup was run like that and the video suddenly appeared.  It remained working after the ethernet cable was unplugged and the computer was recieving the wireless connection.

          All other cables to each box were unplugged to, so that only the slingbox was connected.  The mac in the other room also had video..  I will reconnect the other cables later, but expect it will still work as it did before.


          Naturally, i needed to know what was different and i cant fault the guy for giving his first opinion (which didn't make sense).  He said the setup may have been trying to read the wrong inputs (component instead of composite?).   Its hard to see how it would have worked the first couple months with the wrong setups - especially when no cables were plugged in to those jacks.  It might be a softrware issue.  It also might have something to do with how the new cable boxes copywright protection circuits, which do block videos when they detect assessory equipment hooked up - maybe even a time window before that kicks in (which matches the time to failure here).  I just read that today and encourage people to learn that on their own so i dont have to misrepresent it. 


          I'm grateful that the problem was resolved for now and that i can still get free support tomorrow, for the same failure - as long as i can reference my case number. 

          Good luck everyone.  (How to spread this input to other threads with the same problem - it may even remedy other problems?)





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            Hello mhw6721.


            Thank you for this excellent question! Here is a support article with some helpful hints and tips regarding the issue you're having.

            Watch on Slingbox.com plays audio but no video

            If this does not resolve your issue, you can also try doing a factory reset of the Slingbox to restore its original settings.

            We hope this information is helpful to you! Thank you for participating in our online forums.

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