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    iPhone sling player, invalid password!


      My iPhone is stating that my password is invalid! The password works when I log-in to my account on the computer but not my iPhone? What can I do?

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          Matt.Sling Apprentice

          Hello Robert Cansino,

          There are a couple possibilities, but one may be that you are using your Sling account password for your Slingbox log in.

          When you get a chance, try your Slingbox password and see if that works.


          If you don't remember or are unsure of your Slingbox password, you can reset up your Slingbox on Setup.slingbox.com.

          You may also want to reset the Slingbox to factory setting if the password continues to be an issue. This article, How to reset your Slingbox to factory settings walks you through the process.


          Hope this helps,

          Sling Moderator Team

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              Hi Matt


              I'm 6000 miles from home base so am unable to restart proceedings. My password is the same for both accounts (as far as I'm aware). I updated my slingbox desktop and iPad and solved the recurring "invalid password" problem encountered on both these (can't remember how I did it!)... but, having just installed the iPhone app I've hit a dead end.


              Please help.


              Many thanks