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    Changing Channels really slow on Revue


      Hey everyone,

      I have a feeling I am not the only one experiencing this problem but whenever I press a command on my Google TV Revue keyboard to change a channel or switch to the guide it litterally takes about 3-4 seconds to send the command to the slingbox. I hourglass on the top right hand corner wait to do a full rotation before sending a command. Is there anyway to tweek this to make half a second? I don't mind a slight delay but a 3-4 second delay between changing channels can get quite frustrating. Please HELP!!!

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          Hello supsnap,



          Thanks for using the Slingbox Answer Forum. We understand that you are having an issue using the Logitech Revue on screen remote. One thing that may help is to check the bandwidth, because the Logitech Revue has bandwidth requirements of 2 Mbps or higher for High Definition, and 600 Kbps or higher for Standard Definition. Also, below is an article for using Sling Remote.



          Using SlingRemote



          Hopefully this will help,

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