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    Motorola SBG900


      I went through the setup and added the port forwarding entry (range: 5001 to 5001) through my Motorola admin panel.


      After doing this I still cannot connect to my slingbox outside of my network.


      Any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong?



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          barbaraharwood Newbie

          Hi anderson115,


          Thanks for  contacting the Slingbox Forums!


          We have actually worked with a similar situation recently with the same router.


          One thing you might check is if you have a static or a dynamic IP address for the Slingbox in the Motorola SBG900 router.  The  Slingbox needs to have  a static IP address.  Please call the router manufacturer to set that address to static.  After it is set to a static IP address then run through the setup at setup.slingbox.com.


          Hope this helps with your issue!

          Sling Moderation Team