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    solid led light


      Recently noticed solid red led light and the  network light is  also off.   Tried resetting my pro-hd several times but nothing seems to work.

      Can anyone help'


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          Klaus0406 Newbie

          you may want to contact sling support per their announcement on the forums page


          Announcement:                 No power to your Slingbox? Give us a call!

          We hope everything's great with your Slingbox, and you're enjoying watching your TV anywhere.

          But  in the off-chance that you're having a problem (for example, your  Slingbox is not powering up, or the power light will not come on, or is  blinking randomly) - just call us! We want to help you.

          US and Canada customers, call 1.877.GO.SLING. For other countries, you can find the correct contact info here.

          Be  sure to note the manufacturer of the Slingbox AC power supply (the wall  adapter) when you contact our support agents - it will say either "Ktec" or "V-INFINITY". Having that information in advance will help us serve you better.


          The Sling Support Team