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    Network Light will not Stay on, No network access to SB Pro-Hd


      We have tried numerous things to setup our Slingbox Pro-Hd (they are all listed below). We are on a small network with multiple wired computers and wireless devices (iphone, Kindle Fire, Dell Netbook, Dell Ultra Book, and other Smartphone) all attached to the same network with no problems. We even went through Sling Box support and troubleshooting. They thought it was our box, so we were sent a second device, thinking the first was defective. Same result. Can not connect to network. The network light will blink while the SB is booting up, however if the light ever becomes a solid red, it is only for a moment and then it completely goes off. The SB will get a IP address but never connects to the network.


      What we have done so far to trouble shoot. Any help with be wonderful. Keep in mind, this is the second box we have tried this all with- No Luck!

      - Used multiple Ethernet cables and patch cords of 3-15 foot lengths, thinking it might be bad cords.

      - Upgraded firmware in our Router (Linksys WRT54GL), as well as tried a second router (Linksys).

      - Turned off Firewall in Router.

      - Connected the SB directly Comcast Modem and bypassed the Router.

      - Took all other devices off of the Router and plugged only the SB and Modem cables in.

      - Relocated the device to several different rooms to see if interference from another device was a problem.

      - Called Comcast to see if somehow they were blocking the Sling Box.

      - Reset the SB many times, for 30 seconds and a "hard reset" I performed with a SB Tech guiding me on the phone.

      - Read several forum postings here that said power supply might be an issue. So found a similar power supply with the exact Voltage, Amp, & tip polarity found on the bottom of the SB.

      - Opened 5100-5110 Ports in the Router (SB device will ping- so the network sees it- however it doesn't recognize the internet)


      Please help! For whatever the reason it will not connect to the Internet in our environment. Any ideas?




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          chakkarinen Apprentice
          I would try first programming your router to assign the static ip address 192.168.x.254 (where x is the number in the IP address for your router, which might be, or, or, or ...) to the MAC ID printed on the bottom of your SB-HD.  Then program your router to forward port 5001 (for both the TCP protocol and the UDP protocol) to ip address 192.168.x.254) (where x is the same number as you determined above).
          Then, power down your router, your modem, and your SB-HD.  Then connect the SB-HD to the router with an ethernet cable (I wouldn't worry so much about the length -- I have my SB-HD connected to my router through an ethernet cable more than 50 feet long and it works fine).  Then power up the cable modem, and after the lights "settle down" on the cable modem, power up the router.  And after its lights settle down, power up the SB-HD while pushing in the reset button.  Keep the reset button pushed in for 20 seconds.  Then release the reset button, open a browser window on your computer, and run the setup routine for the SB-HD at http://setup.slingbox.com
          Report back to the forum on how this goes and, particularly, any error messages that might be reported.