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    Custom Remote Request for alanrichey42 - Correct 30 sec skip on Moto 3412


      Hi Alan -- guru of the custom remotes!  I've been sifting through your posts and trying a number of your various remotes.


      I'm trying to get a custom remote that can command the Motorola 3412 to skip back and forward in 15 and 30 increments, respectively.  I know that you've mapped those features to Comcast remotes, but I don't particularly need the Comcast skin at all -- generic remote works fine.


      I found this remote you made, C2010 which uses a generic skin and the correct skip back, but seems to skip forwrard by 5 minutes instead of 30 seconds.




      It also makes the DVR command "custom 14" which is all well and good, except that for some reason I can only use that command on the standalone software, not the web or iPad versions.


      Screen shot 2012-05-03 at 9.42.46 PM.png


      Is it possible to tweak that remote to send the 30 second forward command to the forward skip button, and perhaps map the custom 14 DVR command to one of the colored buttons above the num pad?


      Thanks so much!