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    RNG150 Direct Channel Input

    joshavan Newbie

      First I will give you rundown on the issue and then I will tell you what I have done to try to remedy the situation.



      1. Cable box requires the enter button after inputing the channel number.

           a. Direct channel input does not work.

                i. Slingbox guide on the website does not send select/ok command at the end of channel number

                i. Slingbox andriod app also will not change channels with direct input again does not send select/ok command.

                i. Slingbox is only sending 3 ir bursts which are 3 channel numbers but not the enter command, I cofirmed this with a ir receiver.




      Attemps to fix.

      1. Virtual remote on the website does work so the command does function.

      2. Made sure to select use enter key in setup. (still only send 3 commands not enter command)

      3. I reset Slingbox.