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    Zoom problems on the computer screen???


      Just purchased the slingbox. Works great. The screen on the computer cuts off about 1/5 of the screen on each side horizontally. When I hit the zoom buttons on the slingbox page, it only zooms tighter cutting off even more of the screen. Do I need to change the settings on my TV at home or on the slingbox? If it is on my TV, does anyone know how I go about doing that?

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          ArizonaSackbut Apprentice

          Hi Mich,



          When I added HD digital cable service to my package, the CableCo gave me a Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300HD box.  One of the rather obscure features on that was a zoom function of its own.


          My TV had a zoom feature (much like what you've tried in SlingPlayer), and so did the cable box (but I didn't know about that one).


          Playing around with the cable box zoom fixed the cropping issue on my TV.  There were two buttons on the huge remote, and some stuff to fiddle with in the cable box setup screens.  Took about five minutes of play, but I got it sorted out.  No more ugly cropping.




          This suggestion might not do it for you, but it's worth a look.  Check your video source, see if you find an ornery zoom feature.



          Good luck !


          - Az