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    connecting apple tv v3 to slingbox and sky + hd box


      Hi everyone,


      Just bought a slingbox pro hd box, hoping to connect apple tv v3 (note hdmi connection only) and my sky + hd box to it.


      Have read about the issues of the hdmi connection and the HDCP protocols etc.


      My question is, is it possible to connect both sources using some kind of switch (ir remote controlled) to the one component hd connectors on the slingbox and will it work? assuming one of the ir blasters can be used on the hdmi switch (if such a thing exists??)


      This leads on to the issue of the output from the apple tv v3 and the sky + hd box which are hdmi only and HDCP issues


      Saw something on amazon which is a converter for hdmi to component (which has an "HDCP enabled chip)



      Has anyone tried this as the cost is only arounf £60 compared to the HDfury3 alternative.


      Your help would be appreciated before buying expensive components etc.