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    Remote and switching cable question


      Just set up my new slingbox solo using component cables for video and composite for audio, but my onscreen remote does not work. The IR blasters seem to be fine (although I just get a steady white glow through my camera viewer, not a blinking light when I press a button on my onscreen remote). I'm thinking of switching out of the component cable and using only the composite cables to see if that brings me more luck with the onscreen remote. My question is, if I switch cables do I have to go through the entire setup process again? I am using a time-warner cable/DVR HD box. The original setup process went smoothly, and it seemed to import all of the required information automatically; the onscreen remote looks exactly like the physical remote, so I'm not sure what's missing. Do I have to manually provide some remote code? Any help would be appreciated, as I am a new owner of slingbox. I plan to watch my home-based cable tv at another location about 100 miles away. The instruction manual seems to indicate that for away from home viewing, composite cables would be fine.

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          The cabling has absolutely nothing to do with the on-screen remote, so if you are getting good video and audio then changing them is pointless.   As you have proven the IR Blasters are firing the next culprit is the placement.  Are you sure they are pointing at the IR receiver on the device ?