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    Slingbox/Optimum Online users?

    brn2rnjk1 Newbie

      I have OOL with 8M up load speed.  I have connected the slingbox by ethernet directly to my router (bypassing my powered switch).  In the past, I get about 2000Kbps showing on the SP in my office.  However, lately, it there has been great fluctuations in the speed , with losts of freezing at times.  Could the SB be failing?  I know it could be the internet on my SB end, but can't see why all of a sudden got much worse.


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          Matt.Sling Apprentice

          Dear brn2rnjk1,


          Thanks for your question.

          The OOL (Optimized Optimum Online) could be possibly affecting your actual freezing and speed issues. You mentioned that you are using your SlingPlayer in your office.


          If you are at work, multiple Internet users could be affecting the SlingPlayer viewing.  One thing to check is the speed.  This can be done by going to www.speedtest.net.


          You can also, when at home on your Slingbox network, reconfigure your Slingbox on Setup on Slingbox.com.


          With Kind Regards,

          The Sling Media Team