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    Connection speed slows and doesn't recover


      Hi All,


      I'm having a real headscratching issue with my slingbox, so I was wondering if anyone out there can point me in the right direction.


      I have a Slingbox Solo (latest firmware) in the UK and my ISP is BT Infinity.  I'm based in UAE where I receive the stream through a Slingcatcher or via watch.slingbox.com.  My local ISP is Du.


      I've had this setup since September last year and never had any issues, but about a month ago there was a power cut at my home in the UK so my router and slingbox were restarted when the power came back on.  Since then, my connection speed is fine for several hours after the router is restarted (generally 1200 - 1500 kbps depending on time of day), but then the speed drops to 200 - 300 kbps (again, depending on the time of day).  The speed then stays like this indefinitely, until the router is restarted.


      Initially I was convinced that BT Infinity was the problem, but an engineer visited my house in the UK last week and did a speed test while I was experiencing the problem.  The download / upload was 38 / 8 mbps, so this obviously isn't the cause.  This makes me believe that the slingbox is the problem, but other than that I'm a bit stuck.


      I've noticed the following things:

      - after restarting the router, the speed is fine for 12-24 hours before dropping

      - there doesn't appear to be a pattern regarding when the speed slows (i.e. doesn't happen at specific times of the day or a specific length of time after a restart)

      - restarting the slingbox has no effect, the speed only comes back when I restart the router

      - I've tested my UAE connection many times and download speed is constantly at least 18mbps

      - restarting any / all of the hardware at the UAE side makes no difference

      - The BT engineer said he'd seen a log of my connection speed and it hadn't deviated from 38 / 8 mbps in the last month (seemingly confirming that BT Infinity isn't the issue)

      - a friend in the UK has connected to my slingbox and also received the stream at 200-300 kbps, so this would seem to rule out a problem with my ISP in UAE


      Anyone have any ideas?