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    What does "Remote Viewing" mean under Options?


      My slingbox pro hd is set up properly.  Can view from a PC or ipad.  But there is a "no" next to Remote Viewing under options, even when I am viewing remotely.  I don't get it.  What does the "no" mean if I am actually viewing remotely?

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          Bumping this.  Really would like to know the answer.  Remote viewing from a PC sometimes works and sometimes doesn't.  Now I'm getting error code W211--basically I need to reset the slingbox.  Fortunately I can do that tonight but what if I was away for an extended period?  No way to remotely reset I presume.  I have a brand new Slingbox Pro HD.  It is set up properly. Have 50/20 Fios internet which is rock solid.  Viewed from ipad this weekend (though haven't checked that today now that I'm getting W211)).  Viewing on PC is hit or miss.   This slingbox platform is much less stable than I thought it would be.  50/50 successful viewing remotely on PC is not very good.  I'll try resetting tonight but again if I wasn't around to do that-- what good is the device if it doesn't work when you need it.

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              Hi Marcheller,


              Based on the information that you have supplied, I think the best course of action would be to re-configure your device.  This setup page is the best way to get started,  By doing this we will be optomizing your viewing and also should remove the remote viewing errors that you are getting.


              Note: Be sure to do this from the same network where your Slingbox is located.


              Hope this helps.


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