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    Virgin + remote - not all buttons show on PC screen


      When using my slingbox account on my PC, I have found that while the programme change up/down and numeric buttons+"OK" work, the special buttons such as Home/Guide/V+ work but only show on my home TV svreen and not on my remote laptop which just continues to show the TV output without the overlaying menu.  Therefore I cannot see the result of such operations as searching my recorded programmes or useing iPlayer with red button.  Can anyone help?


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          alanrichey42 Master

          I think you will find this has nothing to do with Sling, but is a 'feature' of the Virgin+ box.   I think their logic is that the secondary output would normally used for some sort of recorder so there is no need to output menus.   Yiou can test this by swapping outputs, I reckon you will find the menus appear on the Slingbox and not the TV.


          The solution is not to use the secondary output, but to drive the Slingbox from the primary component output and then use the pass-through connectors to drive the TV.